The Peace First Challenge

Building upon the success of our two decades of working with young people in all 50 states and 82 countries, we will launch the Peace First Challenge on September 21st, 2016, the International Day of Peace. The Challenge is a call to action for young people around the world to identify an injustice they care about and solve it using the tools of compassion, courage, and collaborative leadership, supported by a $1,000,000 venture fund to power their ideas. In choosing to act, young people will unleash their entrepreneurial spirits to create, share, and produce powerful solutions to the biggest problems in their communities.

The Challenge will be open to young people under the age of 25, anywhere in the world, with a particular focus on those between the ages of 13 and 18, and contains three complementary and parallel strategies:

  1. Issue the Invitation: Reach young people with stories that inspire action, through media, partner organizations in their communities, and champions they trust.

  2. Take the Journey: Young people who accept the challenge will address an injustice in their community and go on both an internal journey of personal growth, and an external journey to create powerful problem-solving projects in the world supported by a digital hub.

  3. Invest in Ideas: We will incentivize young people’s work and invest in their ideas through a $1M VC Fund for Peace that will provide mini-grants to encourage projects, and larger investments, through the Peace First Prize, to grow their impact.

Digital Activity Center

The Digital Activity Center houses our signature peacemaking curriculum. The Peace First curriculum is tailored to meet the development needs of young people and to help them develop and practice positive behaviors. Our curriculum addresses themes such as friendship, fairness, cooperation, conflict resolution, and consequences of actions, all through the use of experiential activities and cooperative games.

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Peace First Prize

The Peace First Prize is designed to showcase young people who have confronted injustice, crossed lines of difference, and had the courage and compassion to create lasting change. The goal is to share the daring work of our applicants far and wide, invest in their leadership, and inspire others to make peacemaking a part of their daily lives. Most importantly, we want to tell the stories of our applicants – incredible stories of young people leading powerful change.

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