There are many ways to get involved with the Peace First Challenge!
We're looking for individuals, organizations, corporations, foundations and other partners who can help bring the Peace First Challenge to life. We need everything from financial support and event hosts, to mentors and donated resources. Supporting the Peace First Challenge can also mean getting your school or community involved.

Benefits of the Peace First Challenge
Through the Peace First Challenge, young people ages 13-24 in your community will:

  • Gain skills in peace building, social entrepreneurship, and leadership through self-service tools and a supportive community
  • Access to $25,000 in mini grants (of under $250 each) to do peacemaking projects in their communities
  • A chance for their peacemaking projects to be replicated throughout the country and internationally - bringing positive attention to your local area

Here are some simple ways you can support us!

  1. Share the Peace First Challenge with your networks and peers!
  2. Sign up (below form) to join the Peace First Challenge and hear about all the young people changing the world.
  3. Visit the Peace First Challenge here.
  4. Tell us how you would like to support the Peace First Challenge by e-mailing us at
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